I am a Hungry (and sometimes Hangry) Ginger living in Seattle with my husband and cat. When I went to live with friends in college, my mother made me prove that I could sustain myself, so I cooked dinner once a week for a whole summer. I was in love. With it all. The mouthwatering first read-through of a recipe, discovered in a dusty old cookbook, the gathering of ingredients, the chopping, smashing, sauteing and finally, savoring with friends and family.  Since that fateful summer, cooking has been my mindfulness practice, my medicine and one of my great loves. And it has influenced many aspects of my life. I graduated with a degree in English literature from the UW Honors college and wrote my final thesis on food and literature (and presented a tiramisu recipe, that I worked for months perfecting, to the class). I keep an ever growing Trello Board to organize my recipes and meal plan and I am always up for trying new dishes and checking out interesting restaurants. Find my (mostly) restaurant reviews on Google and pictures of yummy things on the Gram. Most posts here will likely be food related or adjacent, but some may be about my other passions, which include literature, podcasts and yoga. Thanks for reading!


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