Moving Sucks!

For the past, oh, three weeks or so we have been trying to move. Not to a different house or condo but just downstairs. It might as well be accross the country though. Inspired by a new chair and couch that we bought for the living rooms and had to have hoisted up through the balcony by movers, we decided that while thet were here, we would move our bedroom downstairs and the office upstairs. It isn’t a big deal, we thought to ourselves, once we get all the big pieces moved, we will just have to move our clothes downstairs and teh computers upstairs and voila!

How wrong we were.

First, the bookshelf downstairs had to be dismantled which meant all the crap that was in it, that we had forgotten about had to be moved as well. And the walk in closet where our clothes would eventually go had to be organized just so we could move everything. I won’t bore you with the details but two trips to Goodwill and one trip to the junkyard and three weeks later most everything is moved but our foyer is filled with old computer detritus and the bedroom floor is still littered with Goodwill bound crap. Sigh…

On a brighter note, I made Entrecote Beaujolaise Paul Blanc and Gratin Dauphinois last night and it was delish! Nothing reduces the stress of moving like steak covered in red wine pan sauce and potatoes cooked in butter!

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