Salmon Disastor

Cooked Salmon on a cedar plank last night with lemon risotto and brocolli…well “cooked” is used loosely here. A breakdown of what went wrong:

1. Started cooking at 10:00 PM after my screening of THE BOUNTY HUNTER

2. Started the risotto way too early so ended up being dry instead of creamy when the ordeal was over

3. Cooked the salmon over INDIRECT HEAT so the plank didn’t smoke enough and the fish took FOREVER to cook

4. Didn’t check to see if the grill had enough PROPANE so we ran out and had lukewarm fish.

5. Finished the salmon in our convection oven because it heats up more quickly so it ended up overcooked in some places and undercooked in others.

Sigh…clearly I need more practice with fish.

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