Christmastime at the Cabin

Christmastime at the cabin means not doing much besides grazing on crudités and cheese, pouring over the cookbook that I got for Christmas, “Nigella Kitchen,” and generally lounging around in my pjs. For Christmas Eve, we cut down and decorated the tree…a real Charlie Brown affair, whilst sipping nog. Dinner was at the Bonnevile Hot Springs Spa and featured an under-dressed caesar the was improved slightly with the addition of copious amounts of lemon juice. I made the mistake of getting the portabella ravioli which seemed to come from a package and featured portabella’s smaller cousin, crimini instead. The red sauce was decent. More of a gravy really. Andy got some sort of cut of meat that was tasty alongside some overly herbaceous mashed potatoes that seemed to have been extruded from some oversized pastry bag. I had a great time though because we were there with family and friends (my mom and Floyd). The wine was also good: Abby Page cab and Silverlakes something. The night ended with more wine and Scrabble which Andy won despite my unfortunate math skills. Opening presents this morning was fun as was eggnog French Toast and slightly Texas style bacon (my mother, being anti-porcine has I believe cursed all her pans so that the burn rather than crisp all bacon). Ahhh I suppose I should get real clothes on at some point. Off to the shower and questionable hot water system!

One response to “Christmastime at the Cabin

  1. Uh – I think you mentioned that the water-pressure was better than your own :). I would like to hear something about the duck breast please and you need spell-check sweet daughter. love you! MOM

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