Mind v. Internet: Organizing my culinary brain

In my journeys in and out of the internet, I am always reading, saving and bookmarking recipes, little tidbits of information that I find useful and interesting/informational articles. I use Pocket, which is an amazing app that is, shockingly, free! I have had the app for over a year and have saved and read so many articles (thousands?) using its interface and have yet to reach the limitations of the free version, which is rare with “Freemium” apps. Pocket is especially useful for saving recipes that I find on the blogs that I follow on Facebook, culinary people I follow on twitter and food articles that I find in the NY Times cooking section. It also has a search function so if I want to make a rice recipe to go with chicken but can’t think of one or don’t want to scroll through my article list, I just search for “Rice” and everything with the word “Rice” in the title shows up.

Organizing My Culinary Brain - Rice

I can also tag things to help organize them so if I am looking for a quick meal, I choose “quick” and recipes for quick meals show up. I do the same thing, to a lesser extent with other types of articles but this is especially effective for recipes.

Organizing My Culinary Brain - Tags


My brain, like the internet, is a MESS so it’s nice to have this nifty app to help make sense of it all! I might upgrade at some point because I actually feel a little guilty getting all of this for free!


2 responses to “Mind v. Internet: Organizing my culinary brain

  1. Seems very useful, I like the tagging feature!

  2. Glad to see that you are posting on Hungry Ginger. And, I am so proud of your writing skill. Suggestion, eliminate the green background.

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