What a Difference a Season Makes

Thanks to last night’s storm, most of our deciduous tree friends have shed their autumnal locks, thus bringing to an end the yearly groundhog day-like ritual of bluster and rake and bluster and rake and curse the heavens…and rake. Besides the fact that I no longer have to worry about our basement flooding because leaves have clogged the basement drain and the sump pump has stopped working, this means that it’s time to tuck our little garden in for the winter. It was a good garden this year. I could have done more with it, but we had some lovely salads and mojitos and ity bity oh so sweet mountain strawberry snacks. There were fat bumble bees drunkenly teetering on lavender blossoms and colorful butterflies gracefully looping about. We cleared out a new part of the garden and planted some shade-loving ferns and our porch pots yielded a plethora of herbs.

After raking the leaves into the beds so they can mulch over the next couple months and enrich the soil below, the garden still looked beautiful in a way. It’s not the riot of lush green and bright fruit that it was this summer but it still seems cared for and…a little cozy really. I’m certainly glad that the damp, ever blowing pain in my side can become helpful nutrients for next year’s bounty. I’m looking forward to 2018 when I plan to expand the back garden (#teamnolawn) and start some beds in the front. Stay cozy out there, friends!

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