Pasta Healing



We have been sick for the past three days, subsisting on canned soup and leftover Indian food. I went back to work today (whether that was a good idea or not is still up in the air) and since I ventured out into the world, I decided that I should at least be able to put together a normal dinner. One of my new years resolutions was to waste less food. We had half a pound of beef and half a bag of Italian blend shredded cheese so of course I thought, Skillet Baked Pasta! The ultimate spaghetti comfort food recipe courtesy of America’s Test Kitchens Best of 2009 cookbook. I picked up some spicy Italian sausage, cream, basil, canned crushed tomato, spaghetti, green beans and garlic bread at the store and we were in business!

It’s a pretty basic dish: Cook the meat, saute garlic, oregano and hot pepper flakes, add half a box of broken up spaghetti, 2 cups of water, a generous pinch of salt and a 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes and cook until the pasta is al dente. Then add a quarter cup of cream, 6 tablespoons of basil cut in a chiffonade and a handful of Italian cheese blend. Mix and cover with more cheese and set it under the broiler for about three min until it gets nice and brown and crusty. I served with store bought (lazy, I know, but I AM still sick) garlic bread and green beans sauteed in sweet chili sauce (one of my favorite easy veggie accouterments) and voila! Dinner in 30 min or less and only 2 pans and a cutting board dirty.

Maybe all that cheese wasn’t the best for me but it was sure comforting…AND, while I was cooking, I am pretty sure I forgot I was sick!

On another note: I signed up for Full Circle Farms today. Looking forward to my box of veggies next Friday!


One response to “Pasta Healing

  1. Sara, sounds wonderful. I will make it soon. Thanks.


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