Sunday Brunch

Brunch is probably one of my favorite meals. The fact that it often happens after noon, allowing one to sleep blissfully in, usually involves booze and can feature a smorgasbord of delicious breakfast and lunch items, makes it, I think, the perfect meal. Yesterday we ate at Poquitos and had some left over fried chicken and gravy. A good start. We also had, as usual, eggs and cheese and scallion – the components of a simple yet delectable scramble. Add to that a few pieces of bacon and some fresh bagels from Eltana down the street and we were in business. I always feel good when I am able to make use of leftovers, It is a kind of frugality that feels less penny pinching and more culinary creativity. The results were delish. No booze but I do have some coffee left and some Jameson and Baileys in the liquor cabinet. It’s never too early to start celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, right?


3 responses to “Sunday Brunch

  1. Sounds good. thanks

  2. Janet Wainwright

    so what did you do with the leftover fried chicken? Is that the basis for your gravy?

  3. Both the gravy and the fried chicken were leftover.

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